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  1. Conal Tuohy

    At the Summit I gave a super brief presentation on the idea of using a transforming proxy to make a custom Web API into proper “5-star” Linked Data. This weekend I sat down and actually tried it. It didn’t take very long to make a proxy which converts Museum Victoria’s...
  2. Silvia Mazzini

    A great summit!

    It’s always a fantastic experience to share projects, passions, and research with an international community, and every time I attend the summit I find again the energy and enthusiasm I know will sustain me throughout the year. Thanks to the presence of leading experts and researchers from all over the...
  3. Ingrid Mason

    On the road..

    This was my third Summit and finally it felt like I was driving in third gear. Sat in some great sessions, notably those facilitated by Valentine Charles (Europeana), Joan Cobb (The Getty) and Andy Neale (DigitalNZ). Later this year, thanks to VALA (Libraries, Technology and the Future) there’s some travel...