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  1. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: LODStories

    Voting is closed. 16 liked. Title: LODStories: Learning About Art by Building Multimedia Stories Team: LODStories Short Description LODStories is a web-based application that enables users to explore linked data about art and discover interesting connections between artists and artwork. After exploration, the application will generate summaries about the artists...
  2. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: The Muninn Project

    Voting is closed. 36 liked. Title: The Muninn Project Team: Muninn Short Description The Muninn project is a research project creating Linked Open Data from First World War Archival, Library and Museums sources. The aim is to take digitized documents, extract the data using computing power and turn that information...
  3. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: eCultureMap

    Voting is closed. 51 liked. Title: eCultureMap Team: eCultureMap Short Description The eCultureMap (www.eculturemap.eu) is the effort of the Europeana partners to put their cultural content on the one single global geographical interactive knowledge map. It is a creative and efficient re-use of Europeana open meta data which are under...
  4. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Dutch Ships and Sailors

    Voting is closed. 64 liked. Title: Dutch Ships and Sailors Team: DSS Short Description The Dutch Ships and Sailors project brings together multiple Dutch maritime historical datasets retrieved from multiple archives. We use Linked Open Data for representing and interlinking the data resulting into one interoperable but heterogeneous datacloud. Experts...
  5. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Falstaff

    Voting is closed. 100 liked. Title: Falstaff Team: Shaul Zevin Short Description Falstaff implements a novel approach to file format identification based on machine learning techniques. I would like to promote the following ideas by using Falstaff platform: Expose http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/ ontology as RDF graph. Provide novel digital signatures computed by...
  6. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: CORE Contextual Reader

    Voting is closed. 20 liked. Title: CORE Contextual Reader Team: CORE Short Description CORE is a contextual reader application that utilizes configurable Linked Data vocabularies to support reading in unfamiliar domains. CORE works by providing the reader with e.g. descriptions, pictures, and maps of unfamiliar concepts. Serendipidous discovery of related...
  7. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: PoliMedia

    Voting is closed. 136 liked. Title: PoliMedia Team: PoliMedia Short Description The PoliMedia project linked the minutes of the debates in the Dutch Parliament (Dutch Hansard) to the databases of historical newspapers and ANP radio bulletins to allow cross-media analysis of coverage in a uniform search interface that can be...