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  1. Jon Voss

    Challenge Entry: Open Memory Project

    Voting is closed. 296 liked. Title: Open Memory Project Team: Open Memory Project Short Description A Linked Data Web Portal to publish and access resources on the History of the Jews and the Shoah in Italy The Open Memory Project has been realized by the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea...
  2. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Preservation Planning Ontology

    Voting is closed. 243 liked. Title: Preservation Planning Ontology Team: Artefactual Systems Short Description Artefactual Systems proposes to develop a Preservation Planning Ontology, to turn digital preservation planning Documents into Preservation Planning Data. Linking existing vocabularies from PREMIS, NEPOMUK, ORE and others, the Preservation Planning Ontology would fill a real...
  3. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Project Mosul

    Voting is closed. 46 liked. Title: Project Mosul Team: projectmosul Short Description Project Mosul is a volunteer effort to crowd-source the digital restoration of heritage destroyed in zones of conflict, particularly in the Mosul area of Iraq. Team: Matthew Vincent, Chance Coughenour, Marinos Ioannides
  4. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Axel-LOD

    Voting is closed. 60 liked. Title: Axel-LOD Team: llgcnlw https://prezi.com/19fj8vejpcoc/? Short Description A project by 3 members of staff from the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, Glen Robson, Paul McCann and Owain Roberts. An idea in its very early stages to use DBpedia and Wikidata to discover and expose...
  5. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Graphity – The Danish Newspapers

    Voting is closed. 326 liked. Title: Graphity – The Danish Newspapers Team: Graphity Short Description Danish Newspapers is a registry of newspapers with historical and factual metadata records, curated by the Danish State and University Library. The library was looking for a vendor that could digitize three existing printed volumes...
  6. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: LodView goes LAM

    Voting is closed. 361 liked. Title: LodView goes LAM Team: LodLive Short Description LodView is an OpenSource IRI dereferencerer and a web application, it helps Semantic Web spreading and helps users in publishing data according to the W3C. LodView literally gives Linked Data a new shape. We want to investigate...
  7. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Corbicula

    Voting is closed. 31 liked. Title: Corbicula Team: Corbicula Short Description Corbicula is a gateway application, for automating the publication of Linked Open Data from Collection Management Systems. Corbicula uses OAI-PMH to extract data from Collection Management Systems, XSLT transformations to convert the metadata records to RDF graphs, and the...
  8. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: EEXCESS – Enhancing Europe’s eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific reSources

    Voting is closed. 243 liked. Title: EEXCESS – Enhancing Europe’s eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific reSources Team: EEXCESS Short Description In the last decade, Europe has conducted a tremendous effort to make cultural, educational and scientific resources publicly available. Although such massive amounts of culturally and scientifically rich content...
  9. richardlehane

    Challenge Entry: Agate World War I

    Voting is closed. 7 liked. Title: Agate World War I Team: uowlibrary Short Description Our linked data project is based on the UOW Library’s William Agate World War I collection. The aims of the project are: • To utilise and enhance connections with emerging linked data sets that have been...