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Vendor Engagement in Linked Data

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Many of us are here from large organizations with substantive research and development budgets, or from smaller organizations that have found external, short term funding for experimentation with LOD application development. However, I would wager that most of our instiutitions rely heavily on vendor supplied infrastructure for operational technology needs. Many institutions are not going to be able to truly participate in the LOD ecosystem until viable vendor solutions are available. Until recently, most vendors have been waiting until they see a clear LOD business opportunity to pursue.

This proposed session will look at vendor engagement and discuss strategies for influencing vendor development strategies. Possible topics include:

  • Making a business case to your vendor
  • Collecting and presenting customer use cases
  • Working with vendor User Groups
  • Identifying gaps and “quick wins” in current generation software

We are fortunate to have a number of vendors at LODLAM this year, including Archivematica, Ex Libris, and OCLC. It is possible that they might also be able to help us understand what vendors need from the LODLAM community.


  1. Profile photo of Vladimir Alexiev

    Vladimir Alexiev

    July 9, 2015

    Hi Corey!

    Ontotext is one of the few basic semantic technology vendors with a strong interest in cultural heritage.
    We’ve worked on it for 4-5 years, and I have a personal passion for the topic.
    But it’s been somewhat of an uphill struggle, with open questions about sustainability.
    So I think the topic is important and timely.
    Are there notes from this session?
    Cheers! V

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