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Research Data Alliance Meetup at Digital Humanities Conference

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What role do digital humanities researchers and digital GLAM folks have to play in the development of global research data infrastructure? An important role according to Bridget Almas (Tufts University).

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Bridget is a (working member of the Research Data Alliance (RDA)). In a recent email exchange with my Australian National Data Service (ANDS) colleague Stefanie Kethers (also a working member of RDA) and I, she wrote:

DH researchers ought to be actively engaged in the discussions about and development of solutions to ensure the longevity of the data we produce and on which our research relies. There is no guarantee that RDA will provide all of the answers, but at the moment it is providing a multidisciplinary, global forum for these discussions. For archivists and librarians the value proposition is even stronger, because they are being called on to preserve all of this data. (email 22 June 2015)

How does this relate to creating, managing, publishing, and reusing linked open data? More broadly in the realms of research data management, and support for digital research outputs and digital scholarship (where LOD is an approach used in the creation of scholarly works and building connections to contextual information such as the underlying data and the authors). Specifically though? DH researchers and GLAM specialists that want to contribute their voice and effort in shaping international practice have an opportunity to shape the development of international research data infrastructure

Colleagues at the 2015 LODLAM Summit attending the DH conference are encouraged to come to a lunchtime meet up at the conference on Thursday 2nd July 2015, 12.45pm-1.45pm at the EA building (room EA.2.02), UWS Parramatta South campus.

Image: Trinity of One CC-BY-NC-ND

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