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  1. mia

    Listing open cultural data sources

    The ‘museum API’ wiki has been running for a number of years, listing various museum, library and archive APIs, image and data collections and linked open data, plus ‘cool things’ made with open cultural data sources. How could it be improved to better meet the needs of data providers and...
  2. Jon Voss

    Schedule and Session Notes

    Please feel free to edit this, add your name if you proposed the session, and add a link to the notes from your session. Also make any changes to the schedule as they evolve here, and make the change on the board too. Link to the schedule.
  3. Corey A Harper

    Vendor Engagement in Linked Data

    Many of us are here from large organizations with substantive research and development budgets, or from smaller organizations that have found external, short term funding for experimentation with LOD application development. However, I would wager that most of our instiutitions rely heavily on vendor supplied infrastructure for operational technology needs....
  4. Corey A Harper

    Applied Linked Data

    Much work has been put in on ontology design and data modelling for LAM resources, but until recently there has not been as much discussion of practical applications for publishing or consuming LOD in Libraries, Archives and Museums. This has started to change with the emergence of tools like Canvas,...