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Challenge Entry: Preservation Planning Ontology

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Title: Preservation Planning Ontology
Team: Artefactual Systems

Short Description

Artefactual Systems proposes to develop a Preservation Planning Ontology, to turn digital preservation planning Documents into Preservation Planning Data.

Linking existing vocabularies from PREMIS, NEPOMUK, ORE and others, the Preservation Planning Ontology would fill a real gap the digital preservation world.

Building on the Format Policy Registry, a tool that is bundled with the open source Archivematica project, the first goal of this project is to develop a new ontology that allows Preservation Rules to be described, along with the tools used to enact those rules.

The second goal will be to develop a reference implementation of this new ontology in Archivematica.


  1. Mark Jordan

    April 23, 2015

    +1. Linked Data applications to support digital preservation would be extremely valuable and Artefactual should be a key player in their development.

  2. Sue Bigelow

    April 25, 2015

    It would be wonderful to have this gap filled and to make digital preservation a little less hard. Let’s shoot for 5 stars.

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