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Challenge Entry: Falstaff

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Title: Falstaff
Team: Shaul Zevin

Short Description

Falstaff implements a novel approach to file format identification based on machine learning techniques.

I would like to promote the following ideas by using Falstaff platform:

  • Expose http://fileformats.archiveteam.org/ ontology as RDF graph.
  • Provide novel digital signatures computed by Falstaff to other identification tools via open linked data interface.
  • Enrich digital signatures with relations such as superset and equality.
  • Provide format samples for a big number of formats as WEB resources.
  • Extend format identification ontology toward identification tools benchmark creation by using public corpora.

More Information

Please make sure subtitles are turned on when you watch the video.

In open linked data spirit the project is described in the following linked document to be opened with MS word:

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