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Challenge Entry: eCultureMap

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Title: eCultureMap
Team: eCultureMap

Short Description

The eCultureMap (www.eculturemap.eu) is the effort of the Europeana partners to put their cultural content on the one single global geographical interactive knowledge map. It is a creative and efficient re-use of Europeana open meta data which are under licence Creative Commons CC0 1.0. The concept of the eCultureMap is to relate geographical context of cultural objects with national portals and in international contex of Europeana. Current version of the map displays more than 2 million digital cultural heritage objects from European museums, libraries, archives. The content of eCultureMap could be also re-used via web services in other cultural, travelling and educational portals. The eCultureMap is developed using open source software: OpenLayers, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, Apache Solr – Lucene, and other.

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