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Challenge Entry: Axel-LOD

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Voting is closed. 60 liked.

Title: Axel-LOD
Team: llgcnlw



Short Description

A project by 3 members of staff from the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, Glen Robson, Paul McCann and Owain Roberts.

An idea in its very early stages to use DBpedia and Wikidata to discover and expose connections between concepts and images published on Wiki Commons from our own collections.

With the aim of allowing our users to search and browse our collections based on crowd sourced concepts not present in our native metadata

Navigate clusters of images organised by Wikipedia types and subjects. For example view images of People or things.

Compare and enhance our own metadata.

Provide a new way of discovering images based on linked data concepts rather than traditional Catalogue search

We only came across the challenge with a few hours to go, so our video is a prezi! We suggest you set the autoplay to 10 seconds and arrow through the transitions, kick back and enjoy a trip back to the 80’s.

Try out the concept in early Alpha and suggest new categories at http://dev.llgc.org.uk/AxelLOD/index.html

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