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Two conversations

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Great ideas, often start with incidental conversations. It is really gratifying to be able to reveal that a chat with Jon Voss and a series of email exchanges with Paul Arthur, has led to the 2015 international LODLAM summit being held in Sydney and a working partnership with the digital humanities folks behind the Digital Humanities conference. The timing of the two events is no coincidence though. A big thanks goes from me to Paul for initiating the idea of aligning the two events. It then got even more interesting, and that’s when the State Library of New South Wales, came on board as the hosting sponsors, thanks to Richard Neville and Maggie Patton. We have had the pleasure of working with Maggie, Richard and a couple more colleagues at the State Library of New South Wales (Kathryn Barwick, Mylee Joseph and Rod Higgins on a THATCamp in Sydney last year.

More widely, there has been some LOD in the Australian GLAM sector and that’s thanks to the drive and enthusiasm of a few more people: Eleanor Whitworth from Culture Victoria, Tim Sherratt from the National Library of Australia and Ely Wallis from Museum Victoria. Better yet, there has been plenty of action on the global LODLAM front to get up to speed with. For those with an interest in what’s been happening in Europe please take a look at recent LODLAM case studies from European libraries: the British Library, the National Library of France, Cambridge University Library, the National Library of the Netherlands, Kings College London Archives, the National Library of Spain, the German National Library, and the Research Libraries of the UK (RLUK) linked open data hackathon. There’s likely more out there, and I hope in the comments or in further posts, we’ll get more information out there to the LODLAM community. Check the LODLAM Google Group archives too.

We will be looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces downunder in 2015.


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